January 7, 2022

Understanding Grant Writer Services with commission, percentage and flat fee

Grant Payment 

Grant Payment is the total amount in the form of money provided to an eligible applicant in the funding program held every year. There are many grant service providers who are non-profit and private groups. Government has several provisions under granting services. The United States has the largest service granting organisation named HHS. They have various granting policies, rules, regulations and grant management. They strictly provide grants for those groups of people or professional who lies within the range of their funding eligibility. Only those people can avail of grants in the form of scholarships, work commissions, percentages or a flat fee.

How Grant Writer is commissioned?

Occasionally, there is a web-based debate on whether grant writer can charge their clients. Either for administrations on a commission or rate bases.

The fundamental contention for charging clients a commission/rate is that the specialist can get more cash flow. For instance, on a grant with an honour measure of $100,000, at a 10% commission. Then the grant writer would get $10,000. Assuming the honour were $1 million, the grant author would be expected $100,000. The more noteworthy is the worth of the grant. Then only there is chance of getting more from the experts. That too with practically no expansion in how much work is performed.

The purposes behind not charging a commission or rate are more situated in business and bookkeeping standards.  

Process of Grant Writing

The course of grant composing and applying for grants is a raising money cost, not a program cost. Most grant grants are for projects and program costs. In this manner, it would be untrustworthy for the bookkeeper to take assets from program assignments to pay for raising support costs.  

The Act of Grant Writing

The demonstration of grant composing is a pre-obtaining cost. It is consistent that the candidate needs to compose the grant proposition before they submit it before the grant proposition is inspected and granted. The grant time frame, or the time the grant monies can spend, is for the most part for costs that happens after the grant is gotten, or as a post-obtaining cost (with a couple of special cases). Grant financing rarely takes care of expense which happens to precede the grant being endorsed.

A portion of this issue starts to some degree with government spending plans which expresses that a specific percentage of the financial plan can be considered specialist expenses. The appearing rationale is that – since the grant essayist is an expert then they ought to be qualified for that percentage of the financial plan. 

All faculty charges, PIs, staff, and counselling, should be determined on a yearly compensation or hourly rate bases. None of these details can be determined on a straight percentage of the complete grant premise.


The actual funders could do without grant financing to give applications which pay the grant writer a rate. This is on the grounds that funders need to see the greater part of their cash. That is going to meet the mission and needs of their subsidising reason.

At long last, guaranteed grant authors put the generous interest over their own benefit.

All expert relationships in gathering pledges by and large, and grant composing explicitly. They can hold that charging a commission or percentage of the grant is an exploitative practice.

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